The Mary Mac Show | Death By Fentanyl | He Needs $2 Billion Ft. Michael J. Gray

In Episode 193, I share my second conversation with Michael J. Gray, Founder of The Fentanyl Awareness Coalition and the Actus Foundation, who discusses his plan to significantly decrease fentanyl deaths in children starting at age 12 and offers his paradigm shift to fight this epidemic.

Last year over 110,000 children, teens, and adults died from fentanyl poisonings from illegal, counterfeit pills and powder and it’s believed the numbers are even higher.

Most victims died after taking only ONE pill, ONE line of cocaine, ONE high of heroin, ONE laced joint. They didn’t know that the drug they bought on the street was deadly and NOT what they expected it to be.

Please get educated about this scourge on society and teach your children that anything other than a prescription from a doctor can be deadly.

It only takes ONCE!

Michael J Gray and daughter, Amanda
Amanda Gray

Visit The Fentanyl Awareness Coalition – and The Actus Foundation – which were started after Amanda’s death.

Watch the video version here:

Thank you Michael for your time and sharing your insights about how we can eradicate this from our society.

We are grateful!


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