Executive Grief Coaching and Consulting

There is a definite difference between grief counseling and grief coaching. Not everyone who has a death in the family is in need of therapy, although some clients will do both.

Many people, especially professionals, need assistance to reorganize their emotional and professional lives during their grieving process. They know they need back-up, or support from someone who understands their pain and can still help them realign their life so their grief will not overwhelm them. In this day of layoffs and downsizing, it is even more difficult to keep your eye on the ball at work and still attend to difficulties and challenges at home.

Mary Mac helps you develop a new plan of action to give you the time you need to grieve, help those in your life who are also grieving, give you the answers and strategies you need to move forward and serves as your partner through this very difficult and unsettling time in your life, especially if this is the first major death loss you’ve experienced.

If you are an executive or entrepreneur and would like a free consultation to discuss how I might help you, please contact me here.

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Assisting Those Grieving a Loved One's Death

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