If you’re visiting today, you or someone you love is hurting deeply after the death of a loved one. You’re looking for comfort and education and information and something to relieve some of your confusion and pain.

I understand. That is exactly why I’ve developed this site with my personal blog, products, recommended reading and other features to help you. By joining my private mailing list, you will receive emails from me personally with special information, special reports and gifts. My blog will also automatically arrive in your inbox and you are welcome to ask me your most pressing questions about your grieving process.

So, please accept my condolences on the death of your loved one. This is a very difficult time for you – a time when you need to be patient and kind with yourself. If this is your first loss, you may not really understand what you’re feeling and that’s okay.

I’m giving you permission to grieve here. Permission to just feel what you’re feeling, think what you’re thinking, act out without hurting others, and simply “live” whatever comes up for you, even though you might feel like dying, too.

Everyone’s journey is different. We simply don’t know how we will react until grief happens in our life. There is no set path, no magic pill, no three-step plan which makes it all better instantaneously. It sure would be nice if there were such a thing. But there isn’t.

That’s what makes grief so exasperating. You can’t get control over it and for most of us, that’s a pretty scary thing. We are accustomed to taking charge over our lives. And here we are, on a road which could really lead anywhere. And just the thought of that is extremely frightening.

But I want you to know that the more time and attention you take now to learn all you can about the grieving process and how others have walked this path before you, the more sense of “control” you will feel. Confusion comes from fear and ignorance.

But by being here with us, you will never feel ignorant again. You will feel educated and empowered. And I feel it my privilege to hold your hand along this path. I can’t promise it won’t often feel like an awfully rocky road, but I’ll give you help and some tips which you can use in your own life’s journey.

Start by joining my private mailing list by filling in the form on the upper right side of this site with your first name and email address. You will immediately receive my special report and an email address to send me your questions about the grieving process.

The pages on my site are intentionally short because I know your attention span now is somewhat limited. Later you can come back to read more.

Purchase my book “Understanding Your Grieving Heart After the Death of a Loved One” which was written especially for those new to bereavement. Here you will learn exactly what you can expect during this new journey and why most of what you’re feeling is natural and normal, even if you think it’s a little crazy!

Learn more about my Coaching Services where I assist executives dealing with their grieving process. Not everyone needs therapy; some need guidance and a partner to walk with them during this very difficult transition period in life.

And if you’d like a Speaker to help your managers know what to expect during the grieving process so they can better help their employees, or for the bereaved themselves to gently move them from their current emotional state to one of greater stability, I’d be happy to help you…but we’ll need to order extra tissues!

I welcome you and send you hugs. I’m here to help you and soften your journey to renewed strength! It is absolutely possible to gain strength even while grieving, to see possibility in each day, to become grateful even when you feel you cannot. Open yourself up to a different way to thinking. You can do this…

With my sincere condolences,

Mary Mac

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Assisting Those Grieving a Loved One's Death

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