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These are interviews I’ve done on various podcasts and radio shows.

The Orange Recliner Chronicles Podcast with David William Locke A delightful conversation about Holiday Grief, how children, teens and adults are affected after a loved one’s death, The Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc. and our work, and much more.

I join the Mead Musing Podcast to speak about holiday grief, how the coronavirus has killed so many and how their surviving relatives are grieving now as well as my personal experience with grief.

The Ask Win Podcast with Win Kelly Charles
Win and I speak about the death of her parents, especially the upcoming first anniversary of her father’s death on May 19, 2020. We also discuss the trauma of those dealing with the death of a loved one due to Covid-19.

Staying Young Radio Show 2.0 with Judy Gaman, Walter Gaman |
Overcoming Grief and Living Again with Mary Mac

Real Perspective Radio Show with LeTonya Moore |
Surviving Loss: Constructive Ways to Deal with Grief We also take a deep dive into how families of homicide victims are affected during their grieving process and throughout the criminal justice process.

To Your Good Health with Dr. David Friedman, BS, ND, DC |
Coping with Grief During the Holidays

Assisting Those Grieving a Loved One's Death

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