Personal Confidante

Personal Confidante to High Net Worth Bereaved Men

Many men who are executive professionals, entrepreneurs, retired executives and other high net worth men need assistance to grieve the death of a significant person in their life.

They know they need support from someone who understands their pain and can still help them realign their life so their grief will not overwhelm them.

And when tragedy strikes, it is more difficult to keep your eye on the ball at work and still attend to difficulties and challenges at home.

When you work with me, you will know that everything we speak about will be held in the strictest confidence for those who require the utmost discretion.

We develop a plan that will work for you based upon your unique circumstances.

You will not be attending the local support group in the church basement.

You will more than likely not have someone who can be your confidante in your regular circles when all hell is breaking loose in your life.

Your wife is looking to you to be her rock. But who is there for you?

You can’t confide in your business colleagues because you fear they will see you as weak and try to take over your job.

You may know it’s time to do some serious reevaluation of how you choose to interact within your relationships.

Perhaps you think turning to another female colleague or friend will help, but that might only damage your marriage.

And you may not know how to grieve this significant person’s death because it’s not like other superficial losses you’ve experienced before.

If you are an executive, entrepreneur, retired executive or other high net worth individual and would like to connect to discuss how I might help you and whether we both feel we are a good fit to work together, please contact me here.

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Assisting Those Grieving a Loved One's Death

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