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The Mary Mac Show | How To Speak About Death and Dying

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

In Episode 112, we discuss how important it is to speak about death and dying preferably long before imminent death is upon ourselves, our relatives and loved ones.

In this day and age, we have no idea when terminal illness and death will visit ourselves or our family.

And since so much is uncertain with variants of a virus that has consumed so much of the past two years, not to mention how the vaccine has killed people, we live in a specifically uncertain time.

It is true that if we didn’t have to deal with this, we wouldn’t.

It is uncomfortable.

But there are many families who will never deal with the pandemic; their family members’ deaths might be after a long illness, in the case of cancer or an immune disorder.

It might be from a tragic accident, or sudden illness such as a stroke or heart attack that ends their life.

Many people find it hard to talk about death and dying.

We’d rather leave it up to someone else.

But don’t let fear stop you from truly connecting with someone you love either long before their final days, or leading up to them.

Sometimes death comes very quickly and it would be sad if you hadn’t had a conversation around death long before it ever occurred in your relationship with them.

If you had this conversation when they were well, or when they were diagnosed with an illness, you would capture a very wonderful connection with them.

There would be no regrets.

You would have said all you’d like to say to someone who meant so much to you.

We don’t know what the future holds these days. Life is so fragile now.

Take the time to think about this.

If it’s too sensitive to speak all you want to say aloud, do so in writing.

Either way, your soul will be at peace and no matter what happens in the future, you are settled.

Personally, I am thinking about writing out letters to the most important people in my life to acknowledge those who have helped me, loved me and let them know how grateful I feel to have them in my life.

With all that’s happening in this world, we could leave this life in an instant.

Use the time you have to make a difference.

Loving you.

Additional Notes:

If you are ill or grieving a loved one’s death, take the time to research a hotline with trained counselors to speak with.

The very best individuals to connect with are those who are suffering your exact type of death. Go here.

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The Mary Mac Show | New Year For You

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

In Episode 109, we look at the new year, what we have planned for ourselves and how to focus on the positive in our lives even though we are still grieving.

When the New Year approaches we tend to take stock of the last year and consider new goals that will serve us, especially when we are grieving.

In this episode, we journal through each area of our lives, emotional, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, financial and more so we can look at what we truly want in our lives.

Then we get to start moving toward those goals.

And, yes, even when we are hurting.

Because if we don’t have something to look forward to, we will sink into the blues and I don’t want that for you.

Take the time to listen in and take the time to set a plan for 2022.

Additional Notes:

If you are having an especially difficult time emotionally, I recommend you speak with a specialist at a hotline near you. Here you will find hotlines all around the world. Trained counselors are there to listen, free of charge, to what’s going on with you. Take advantage of their great kindness. Vent with an objective individual. You don’t have to be ‘suicidal’ to call them, but if you are, that’s the best place to call. Don’t hestitate!

For parents and teens, there is an amazing resource where you can email or text counselors for help at The Boys Town National Hotline! Outstanding assistance for your children and you.

Visit Julie Schiffman as she taps on Being Your Best Self in the New Year. Even though this particular video is a few years old, I still love how she taps!

Here are some meditation music to help you rest.

You can order your Bach’s Rescue Remedy from most health food stores, either in person or online. Remember, these do have alcohol in them.

I use the Rescue Remedy 20ml drops but they have spray and other versions which might work better for you. And…they also have products to calm pets, too.

*To find a homeopathic doctor, visit here or here. Many offer phone consultations if you cannot find one in your area. They work with patients around the globe. You can also research in your area of the world.

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The Mary Mac Show | Trusting Ourselves

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

In Episode 108, we consider how best to trust ourself to know what we need during the grieving process and not allow others to dictate how we grieve or our timeframe.

There will always be people in your life who wish to manipulate you in one way or another.

Either expecting too much from you.

Expecting that you should be over this by now.

Expecting that you should be exactly the way you were before your loved one died.

But that isn’t going to happen because you’ve changed.

So in this episode we look at how to trust yourself.

Trust your timing.

Trust that you know what you need as you grieve.

And if you don’t, you’ll take the time to figure it out.

Because grief changes us and the last thing we need is to be made to feel guilty to accommodate the needs of others who do not have our best interests at heart.

People who put on a good face, but underneath really don’t care for us.

So it’s up to us to be around people who love us. Truly love us.

And who want the best for us, no matter how difficult life is right now.

Listen to that little small voice inside.

And take action based on it.

Bless you, my Warrior!

Additional Notes:

Help yourself by learning the Emotional Freedom Technique on how to trust yourself.

Here are some meditation music to help you rest.

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The Mary Mac Show | Loving Ourselves

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

This week, in Episode 107 on my podcast, we discuss how to allow others to love us through our grieving process and how we can love others, as well.

At the beginning of our grief, we spend a great deal of time concentrating on all that has happened to our loved one.

How they died, perhaps how long they suffered, and all the arrangements that needed to be handled.

When all that is over, instead of loving ourselves, we often go on a journey of ‘doing’ instead of ‘being’.

We don’t give ourselves the love and care that we so desperately need.

We neglect our needs and worry, mostly, about others in our family.

This week, especially as we move into Christmas, please take time to reevaluate what YOU need now in your life.

What will make you happier. (And, yes, you’re entitled to happiness!)

You’ve done so much for others.

It’s YOUR time now.

Join me in listening in to Episode 107 to take a closer look at how to love ourselves, even while in pain.

Additional Notes:

Marisa Peer’s “Loving Yourself” and I Am Enough, and a compilation of other wonderful videos on this topic – must watch!

Visit this compilation of loving yourself EFT videos by Julie Schiffman who will teach you the Emotional Freedom Technique. Her videos calm your spirit and help you release emotional and physical pain as you move forward.

Here are some meditation music video choices to help you rest.

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The Mary Mac Show | The Gift of Remembrance

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

In Episode 106, we discuss how we remember our loved ones who have died and the need to concentrate on the good instead of the sorrowful memories.

We spend so much energy remembering the first months after their death which bring all the pain and sorrow.

And, often, these times linger for much longer than is healthy.

People who don’t allow themselves to live again after a loved one’s death, can cause themselves to suppress their immune system and cause disease in their body.

In this episode, I encourage you to honor the memory of your loved one, but to also begin, if you haven’t already, to concentrate on the good times you enjoyed together.

To remember the fun things you did together; the heartfelt moments with them.

Remember to be good to yourself, my warrior. Let others help you.

Additional Notes:

Learn EFT to calm your intense emotions. Visit here.

Meditation Videos to help you rest. Choose which resonate with you.

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