If you’re looking for someone to give a superficial speech, you don’t want Mary Mac.

Whether she’s educating and training a group of corporate managers to the needs of bereaved employees so their departments will run smoother in times of crisis, helping university students how to cope with adversity and understand the grieving process (Conversations with Mary Mac on Death and Grief), or going in deep with folks who have sustained major loss, her goal is to transition each attendee to move from the emotional level they currently find themselves, to a deeper understanding of what they are feeling and move them to a higher level of stability.

Through stories and exercises, she shares the pain, the frustration, the turmoil one encounters along this journey. She gently helps attendees work through their personal challenges, perhaps issues they’ve hidden even from themselves, which are keeping them stuck for much too long.

Not a woman to hold back, she will challenge her audience through tough love to look at exactly where they are now, acknowledge it and consider what being at this place is costing them emotionally, physically, spiritually and, sometimes, financially.

Breakout the tissue packets…but after she’s visited, a sense of calm and direction fills her audience.

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Assisting Those Grieving a Loved One's Death

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