9/11 -13 Years Later-the Escalation of Terrorism

Freedom Tower / Jean-Pierre ElyWith the recent news of the beheading of two American journalists, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that, just like 13 years ago, we are still fighting a group of terrorists who are intent on killing Americans and cowardly hide behind scarves and rags to hide their identity.

I remember when Christians were being slaughtered in the Sudan because they wouldn’t convert to Islam. Our government did little to help until it got so serious a handful in Congress finally shouted loudly enough.

Over the last 13 years, radical muslims in and out of our Country have increased their intent to kill Americans and fly their flag on our White House. They are demanding Sharia law in our courts and expect us to reconfigure our lives around their wishes. Nonsense.

If I went to France, do you think I could tell the French that I wanted to hang the American Flag on their government buildings? Would they give me free healthcare, teach my children, help me with housing, pay for my college education, etc., when I wasn’t a citizen? No, they wouldn’t. They don’t owe me anything.

So why are we so easily swayed and afraid of standing our ground.

When terrorists are still intent on destroying our country, we must do all we can to stand firm and stand for our citizens – the ones who built this country, the veterans and active military who not only died and were maimed for our benefit but for the citizens of many, many countries around the world.

As our government gets set to implement a strategy against the islamic group in Iraq and Syria, it’s imperative that we never forget how life was after 9/11.

It was a horrible, stressful and fearful time when none of us felt safe. When transportation was at a standstill for weeks. When we were in such shock that nearly 3,000 of our fellow citizens had been deliberately murdered simply because we were Americans, that it took us weeks to watch sports again, show regular television programming, and even go back to work.

Let us not forget that.

Muslim terrorists all around the world are determined and have as their goal that we are the enemy. It’s hard for us to truly grasp this fact because we aren’t built or raised to hate to that degree where our entire lifelong goal is to kill those who don’t believe as we believe.

So, please, especially on September 11th, when many families’ lives were forever altered, FDNY, NYPD and PAPD families’ and colleagues’ lives were forever altered, and many veterans’ families’ lives were forever altered, we must not take this threat so lightly, and continue to give in for fear of ‘how it looks’. Our weak attitude may just get us killed and possibly even on our own soil.

And since I’ve seen first hand how so many take years upon years to grieve after the murder of a loved one, always with that sense in their heart as to how they still can’t believe it happened, I wish this government could truly understand how serious terrorism can be to our homeland and our citizens abroad.

What are your viewpoints? Agree, disagree? Make a comment below…nicely.

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