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Tapping to Release Fear of Corona Virus

With so much panic and fear bursting out in the world over the Corona Virus, I thought I’d lend a wonderful video by my favorite practitioner of The Emotional Freedom Technique, Brad Yates.

Know as EFT or Tapping, we use this process to tap on the meridian lines of our bodies which run north to south, to help with emotional and physical pain.

Right now it’s very important that we stay calm which will keep our immune system strong.

When we are laced with fear, anxiety and panic we reduce our immune system and this we don’t want.

If you’ve never seen this before, I’m sure you think it’s quite silly. But, believe me, it’s not.

It has helped me and millions of people all around the world to live an emotionally stable life without the use of drugs, legal or illegal, to comfort us and keep us moving forward in life.

Whatever you are dealing with, EFT is the way to go!

Below is a specific tapping round by Brad Yates to help you deal with whatever may be going on for you regarding the corona virus outbreak.

If you need to do the tapping round several times before you feel better, then do so.

You can do it each morning and evening and anytime in between. It’s a valuable tool for your mental health.

If you are dealing with other issues, you would do well to visit Brad’s YouTube Channel for anything that ails you.

And if you wish to find more tapping sessions with Brad regarding emotional challenges, visit my podcast, The Mary Mac Show, where I have various videos ties to many of my episodes.  You will find the links in the show notes.

Blessings to you!  Be wise.

The Mary Mac Show | New Year, New Decade, New Life

The Mary Mac Show PodcastIn Episode 4, we begin to look at each area of your life and consider what you want for yourself in this new year instead of what you don’t want.

So often when we feel so badly after a loved one’s death, we simply cannot fathom how we will find a way to build a new life for ourselves.

Sometimes we don’t feel we are entitled to develop something new for ourselves.

But if we don’t consider what our life might look like, especially as we begin a new year and new decade, we will simply slump or continue slumping into a despair which can overtake us.

And I’m sure you might feel you are entitled to that despair, but what if you thought a bit differently? What if you decided they would want you to still live a meaningful life?

So in this episode, I not only continue encouraging you to keep up with your gratitude journal, but now start to consider what you might like to change or do in the new year.

Go to The Mary Mac Show and download Episode 4. Subscribing is the easiest way to insure you’ll always get my podcast each Sunday morning.

I hope you will take the time to do the exercises I give you in this episode.

You have a choice – to live in despair or begin something new. I choose ‘new’ for you.

Send me your comments by clicking on “Read More” after each episode. Or just simply leave them below.

And I wish you a comforted New Year!

Blessings to you.


The Mary Mac Show | Christmas and Hanukkah Gatherings with Family and Friends

The Mary Mac Show PodcastIn Episode 3, I delve into how to handle Christmas and Hanukkah with family and friends and Holiday Grief.

I also talk about how to help your children during this time of year.

Children are most vulnerable after a loved one’s death and need you to comfort, guide, and be close.

They are hurting too and need attention. If you are busy, do have a trusted friend be attentive to them.

This week, especially, be kind to yourself. Take the time you need for yourself.

And honor your loved one during gatherings in some way. I speak about many ways to do that.

Go to The Mary Mac Show and download Episode 3. Subscribing is the easiest way to insure you’ll always get my podcast each Sunday morning.

May this week bring you joy concentrating on the memories of your loved one and even if you cry or have mixed emotions, celebrate their life. Focus on the good, happy moments you shared with them rather than what you don’t have.

Reach for something that will make you smile or laugh.

I’ll be thinking of you this week.

May you have a wonderful Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.


The Mary Mac Show | Preparing for Christmas and Hanukkah

The Mary Mac Show PodcastIn Episode 2, I delve into how to best prepare yourself for the year-end holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah.

The very best thing you can do for yourself is to consider what you are capable of, what brings you joy, how to decrease stress surrounding gifts, decorating, baking, invitations, etc.

What you did last year or in years past, may not be practical this year. It may just be too much for you and that’s alright.

I also discuss how to talk to family and friends to discuss how they can help you at this time.

Go to The Mary Mac Show and download Episode 2. Subscribing is the easiest way to insure you’ll always get my podcast each Sunday morning.

Announcing The Mary Mac Show | Understanding Your Grieving Heart After a Loved One’s Death

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

After much thought and many months of research and education of how to create a podcast, my show is finally here.

Decades ago I thought it would be wonderful to have a radio show on the grieving process after someone had died. I looked into it a few times and each time the cost was exorbitant.

As years passed and podcasting came about, I considered this media as a much better alternative for many reasons.

First, whatever I created could be hosted online forever for a much lesser charge.

Secondly, the work I did would be accessable to everyone, anywhere in the world they may be.

Thirdly, as time goes on, and a newly bereaved individual finds The Mary Mac Show, they will be able to start at the beginning or jump around to the episode which resonates with them for that period of time in their grieving process.

And lastly, it gave me a place to speak with the hurting directly, easily, intimately and share my over three decades of knowledge and lifelong pain from my own grief experiences.

So I’ve worked long days and nights over the last few months learning all I needed to know about how to set up a podcast. There is so much to learn!

The first person that needs thanking is Kayleigh Hanlin, co-Founder of Empowered Minds whom I met at a conference in September. Her organization helps children to live a life of self-love, self-acceptance and self-confidence through workshops and using their book The J.O.Y. Journal (Just Be You)!

She graciously introduced me to her cousin Justyn Bostick and his podcast Creating The Game. Justyn helped guide me through the podcast process and we had a wonderful conversation which led to an interview on his podcast.

Although I’ve never met them, I’d also like to thank Pat Flynn, whose site Smart Passive Income includes his podcasts The SPI Show and The Ask Pat Show. His videos on podcasting are outstanding.

John Lee Dumas‘ podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire or Fire Nation, also has a detailed course on podcasting which was invaluable to me.

Yet the most important person to acknowledge is my David. His support and encouragement through these very long days made this possible. He listened through all the struggles, offered advice, and stayed awake till all hours of the night while I worked on the computer to create this baby. I am truly blessed to have him in my life. Thank you so much, David.

To all who helped my podcast become a reality, I appreciate your generosity of spirit.

Go to The Mary Mac Show to listen to my welcome podcast and learn more!

P.S. It is important to start with Episode 1 and work your way through. I have a method to my madness in that I incorporate several exercises within the first number of episodes which are foundational so even when the holidays have passed, please start from the beginning. Thank you.