The Mary Mac Show | Death By Fentanyl Podcast Series | The Pharmacist Dan Schneider’s Son Danny Part I

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In Episode 208, Part I, I speak with Dan Schneider of the Netflix Series “The Pharmacist” about his son Danny’s murder by a drug dealer.

Danny Schneider as a baby

We discussed how he and his family had to work hard to obtain justice for his son’s murder.

Although law enforcement was involved, they did not always do their job.

Danny Schneider

Frustrated, because of the stigma involved which was widespread in 1999, Dan did what he could to find the killer.

In a twist of events, the person he thought was a witness, wound up being the killer.

Danny and his Girlfriend

And the Aunt of the killer would be the individual who only two days after the killing, had called Crime Stoppers, left a clear message on their telephone line, yet police never followed up.

We talk at length of how this all came together.

The Schneider Family and Danny’s Girlfriend

Dan, who is a pharmacist by trade, is very candid about how young Danny was taking drugs and how that affected he and his family.

In the second part of this interview, airing next week, we will speak about how it came to pass that Dan got involved in shutting down a pill mill doctor in his area who was selling OxyContin by the millions. And how this led to a fight with the Sackler Family who are owners of Purdue Pharma, the company who makes OxyContin.

Watch my conversation with Dan below:

Below are sites, documentaries and books to learn the history of this, which has taken him on a 24-year journey.

Tunnel of Hope – Dan’s site –

Dan’s Facebook Site –

The Pharmacist – Available on Netflix. Watch the Trailer here –

And excellent site with much history, visit –

Dopesick – Watch the Hulu Trailer here –

Crime of the Century – Watch HBO Trailer here –

Painkiller – Watch the Netflix Trailer here –

Book “Unsettled” -Brian Hampton –

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Thank you Dan for sharing your time and extensive knowledge with us. We appreciate you!


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