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The Mary Mac Show | Death By Fentanyl Podcast Series | Paula Santos Young’s 33 yo Son Andrew

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In Episode 204, I speak with Paula Santos Young, of Achieve Greatness, about her son Andrew’s death at 33 to fentanyl poisoning.

Andrew Santos Forever 33

She shares how Andrew secretly struggled with PTSD and depression as well as an aversion to taking pills of any kind. He died of fentanyl poisoning which was laced in marijuana.

Paula with son Andrew

She and her husband Phil now runs Achieve Greatness, a program Andrew started and is now a non-profit in memory of Andrew with the goal of continuing to help others.

He is also survived by two brothers and two stepbrothers.

Please visit the following sites to learn more:

Visit Achieve Greatness – https://www.achievegreatness88.org/

The Achieve Greatness Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089453853542

Listen to the audio version here – https://www.themarymacshow.com/death-by-fentanyl-podcast-series-paula-santos-young-33-yo-son-andrew/

Watch my interview with Paula here:

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Thank you so much Paula for sharing your story and your time.

We are grateful!