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The Mary Mac Show | Death By Fentanyl Podcast Series | Andi Sommerfeld Lee’s 28 yo Daughter Amanda

In Episode 200, I speak with Andi Sommerfeld Lee, Vice President of the Fentanyl Awareness Coalition, about her daughter Amanda’s death at age 28 to fentanyl poisoning.

Amanda’s brother Mike and Andi at her HS graduation

Andi speaks candidly about Amanda’s addiction and how it devastated her family over many years. It completely consumed Andi as she tried to save her daughter’s life.

Amanda with beloved dog, Duck, who Andi now cares for

Affectionately called “Mana”, she is survived by her stepdad Rick Lee, whom Andi has been married to for 22 years, her brother Mike, a veteran, who was 32 when Amanda died, and many loving relatives and friends.

Amanda with her beloved maternal grandmother, Barb

Andi is very active in creating awareness through the Fentanyl Awareness Coalition to help other families better understand fentanyl poisoning so it won’t devastate their families.

The Fentanyl Awareness Coalition is helping families and making their voices heard so we can decrease this scourge on our children and society, which is leaving hundreds of thousands of parents and families to grieve their deaths.

Chelsea (daughter in law), Mike (brother), Rick (stepfather), my Mom and my sister, Kris Sommerfeld

Watch my interview with Andi here:

Visit The Fentanyl Awareness Coalition and its Facebook Group to learn more.

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Thank you so much Andi for sharing your story and your time.

We are grateful!