A Thanksgiving to Remember

After the death of a loved one, the first Thanksgiving can feel unsettling at best. “Exactly what could I be thankful for?” might be the line playing in your head.

You shouldn’t feel badly for having these feelings as many folks who are grieving at holiday season usually silently say this to themselves, even if they’ll never admit it out loud, for a host of reasons.

But the interesting thing about this holiday, at least for those in the USA, is to step outside our comfort zone and consider, for just a few moments, what you could be grateful for.

The times you shared with your loved one, the happy Thanksgivings you baked pies together, or jokingly quarreled over whether the turkey was better when they made it than when you made it, fussing over the menu and whom to invite.

So, through all your pain this year, try to remember and give thanks for the little things that you enjoyed in years past. And if you have strength, help someone who is even more devastated by life’s circumstances than you.

This little gift of love will brighten your soul.

2 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving to Remember”

  1. Mary Mac:
    Don’t disagree with you, but I am uncomfortable when you use the word “but” in the 3rd paragraph. It might be interpreted by mourners as lessening the pain, or dismissing the feeling.

    Love your stuff!
    Wish my grief website looked as good as yours does, I am working on it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Mel Glazer
    Colorado Springs, CO

    PS. You may be interested in this article, also about holidays and grief. Enjoy…

  2. Rabbi Mel…Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your article on grief during the holidays. Have a wonderful season and thank you for all you do for grieving families. Hugs.

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