The Mary Mac Show | Death By Fentanyl Podcast Series | Stephanie Hellstern 16 yo Son Kyle

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In Episode 189, we begin our Death By Fentanyl Podcast Series featuring Stephanie Hellstern whose 16 year-old son, Kyle, died of fentanyl poisoning by the use of just one lethal pill.

She graciously agreed to share her story and has become an advocate in this area so other families do not have to go through the sorrow and pain she had felt from losing her son.

Stephanie Hellstern and her son, Kyle

She is the Founder, Director, CEO at North Texas Fentanyl Coalition NTXFC and Founder, Director, CEO at Kyle Still Speaks.

Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law four bills to protect Texans from the danger of fentanyl which has been crossing over the border in enormous quantities. Watch him and the grieving families here and educate yourself and your children to this deadly poison that can kill with ONE dose, ONE pill, laced inside joints and other drugs like cocaine and heroin.

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Thank you Stephanie for sharing your story with us!

Much Love as we remember Kyle!


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