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China – 0, USA – 76,000 | How The CCP Is Using Fentanyl To Kill Our Children

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In Episode 231, I invited Andrea Thomas, mother of Ashley who died of fentanyl poisoning, creator of Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day, each August 21st and of Facing Fentanyl to join me once again. We discuss the findings of the China Select Committee on April 16th in the House of Representatives in DC and share the confirmation that the CCP is intentionally manufacturing fentanyl and shipping it through Mexico into the US killing 76,000 of our children in 2022.

For perspective, according to National Archives, between 1955-1975, over 58,220 men and women were killed in the Vietnam War – a 20 year period.

According to the FBI Crime Data Explorer, in 2022 covering 75% of the US population, 15,047 homicides were recorded by law enforcement agencies.

It is estimated that in 2023 more than 100,000 young people in the US were killed by fentanyl in counterfeit pills or added to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs with either partial or complete fentanyl.

Pills that resemble Xanax, Oxycotin, Adderall, Percocet and others are killing our young people within minutes because all these are counterfeit pills and that person has no idea what is in them.

Please, please educate yourself and your family. Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death among 18-45 year olds.

Watch the video version of my conversation here – https://youtu.be/lZm3jIMFY10

Watch the complete hearing in the US House of Representatives China Select Committee here – https://www.youtube.com/live/bkzJ0nJEuus?si=tyasM1UJnxZ2Iti2

Below is the press release summarizing the day on Capitol Hill with the families:

Families Demand Executive Action in Face of Fentanyl Crisis:
Urgent Hearing Exposes China’s Role as the Largest Drug Cartel in the World
The Direct Involvement of the Chinese Communist Party in the Illicit Fentanyl Trade

Washington, D.C. – April 19, 2024

On April 16, 2024, families from many corners of the nation directly impacted by the fentanyl crisis gathered in Washington, D.C., for a watershed moment: a critical hearing convened by the China Select Committee.

With a commitment to bipartisan cooperation, the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party aimed to confront China’s imminent threat and show why the Executive Branch of Government should forge a robust strategy safeguarding American lives, economy, and values.

The revelations emerging from the hearing echoed the long-standing cries of families devastated by fentanyl-related tragedies. China’s culpability in the epidemic claims countless American lives.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr minced no words, declaring, “They (the Chinese Communist Party) are knee-deep in actively sponsoring, encouraging, and facilitating the production and export of fentanyl for distribution in the United States.”

Andrea Thomas, the founder and Co-Chair of a project called Facing Fentanyl, led by impacted parents, stated, “This is not news to us. We have been screaming this from the rooftops to the last three administrations, and still, no substantial action has taken place to address the source of the problem, which is China.”

A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers unveiled shocking findings indicating that President Xi Jinping’s regime has not only turned a blind eye but actively subsidized companies within China since at least 2018, incentivizing the production of illicit Fentanyl and its precursors for export, mainly targeting the United States. Disturbingly, some of these chemical companies enjoy direct government ownership, exacerbating the crisis.

The direct involvement of the Chinese Communist Party in the illicit fentanyl trade not only bolsters their economy but also emboldens the Chinese Organized Crime Syndicate, now identified as the world’s premier money launderers.

Mr. Ray Donovan, former Chief of Operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), emphasized the situation’s urgency, stating, “This is about saving lives. I do think that we are under attack, and I think that it’s intentional.”

Families shattered by fentanyl-related deaths demand immediate, comprehensive action from the Executive Branch.

Despite the staggering loss of hundreds of thousands of loved ones, the Executive Branch has yet to take decisive action.

The relentless influx of Fentanyl into the United States facilitated through various channels, including air and sea, and worsened by border vulnerabilities, demands urgent attention.

To reiterate- Chinese companies produce the vast majority of Fentanyl, its analogs, and fentanyl precursors. However, Mexico assists China in transit and as a production point for the drug into the U.S., so we must not forget to address Mexico’s participation in this crisis.

Jaime Puerta, who lost his son Daniel to fentanyl poisoning and Co-Chair for Facing Fentanyl, said, “Affected Families have grave concerns regarding the escalating danger posed by newer, even more lethal drugs emerging from China, promising catastrophic consequences if left unchecked. The absence of substantial measures to address this crisis is unimaginable.” Puerta said.

While efforts from the current administration to aid those grappling with substance use disorder in the U.S. are commendable, it is imperative to address the root cause of the crisis – China’s pivotal role as the primary source of illicit Fentanyl.

Failure to hold China accountable perpetuates the cycle of addiction and death, devastating American families. Thomas asked, “Where is the outrage? No proactive preventive measures have been taken against China to stop this poisoning of America. We are throwing so much money at band-aid action and not taking true measures to stop the flood of Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs from entering the United States. Many impacted families feel that our nation has become a complicit part of the killing of Americans from fentanyl poisoning due to the failure of swift action to save lives.”

“The media’s failure to adequately represent the voices and faces of families affected by the fentanyl crisis at the hearing underscores the urgency of the issue. These families are not mere statistics; they are at the heart of this tragedy and demand to be heard,” says Puerta.

Families of those impacted by illicit Fentanyl want to see immediate, comprehensive action. Imposing sanctions and prioritizing the safety of American citizens by addressing this national security emergency is a critical first step.

Jim Rauh, a leading expert on the dangers of illicit Fentanyl and an impacted family member himself, has been the most prominent voice for designating illegal Fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction.

The designation of illicit Fentanyl by the federal government would empower the government to go after international trafficking syndicates and root out illicit manufacturers and traffickers to take action to stop Fentanyl from reaching the border. Such a designation of illicit Fentanyl would not hinder the use of legal Fentanyl or stop ongoing recovery, treatment, and harm-reduction efforts to assist those residents of the United States currently suffering from substance use disorder.

The time for action is now. The lives lost to fentanyl poisoning demand justice, accountability, and a comprehensive approach to combating this epidemic. The American people deserve answers, and we will not rest until our voices are heard and action has been taken to confront this grave threat.

We call on the American public to ask important questions of the candidates running for the upcoming administration. It is crucial to inquire about their strategies to tackle China’s dual threat as the world’s leading drug cartel and the negative impacts of this threat on the US across various fronts. Addressing the national security crisis posed by China is a top priority for both the US government and every American citizen.


Families who have experienced the fentanyl death of a loved one attend China Select Committee hearing in DC April 16 2024

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