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The Mary Mac Show | Disenfranchised Grief I

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

In Episode 60, we delve into the trauma and pain mourners feel when they can’t fully express their loss after a loved one’s death.

There are so many situations where someone feels shame after a loved one’s death and cannot express their grief and pain because the relationship may not have the proper ‘label’ or the relationship has been so strained or secret.

Many types of death carry a stigma that society places on it and, consequently, many bereaved feel stifled in openly showing their grief.

Often times people make others feel less than or embarrassed when a person has overdosed, or took their own life, or was murdered or killed another and themselves in a vehicular homicide crash.

They convey that something is wrong with a woman who has a miscarriage or stillbirth or several.

It could be a secret gay relationship was never known and the surviving partner must keep that to themselves because their lover was married, perhaps even with children and only hurt with come to his family.

It might be an ex-spouse who caused all sorts of pain and your children are grieving his or her death, but where does your grief fit in?

This week we discuss many different types of disenfranchised grief and next week we will look at what we can do to soothe ourselves when we are dealing with such a death.

Additional Notes:

If you are feeling shame either because you’ve imposed it on yourself for what you “think” a certain death means to you, or because others are making your feel that way, you might find solace in this EFT Tapping Video by Arianna Opper, D.O. She has a very soothing voice and aura.

If you’d like to explore her other videos, please go here.

To see my signature Heart of Gold “I Remember” Mug, either for yourself or as a gift for someone grieving the death of a loved one, please go here. A portion of all proceeds help fund The Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc., the first national non-profit public charity which benefits children, teens, young adults after a loved one’s death.

Much Love,

Mary Mac xoxo

The Mary Mac Show | Dealing with Devastating Disappointment

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

In Episode 59, we discuss how those who claimed to have your back after the death of a loved one, slowly or abruptly exit your life and how others unexpectedly appear at your side.

It is very difficult to understand how people who are close to you in life can tell you one thing at the funeral when you are at your most vulnerable, only to reneg on you in the future.

It’s incomprehensible how the people, whose word you took as fact, fail to follow through for you.

In this episode we talk about how to handle this pain.

Additional Notes:

When you’ve had serious emotional blows, taking Bach’s Rescue Remedy can be very helpful. (Does contain alcohol, so be aware.) A few drops on your tongue and a short nap can calm you.

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A portion of all sales goes to support The Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc., the first national non-profit public charity which benefits children, teens, young adults after a loved one’s death.