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The Mary Mac Show | Grieving For A Nation

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

In this week’s episode, I speak briefly about the grief we feel after the death of an individual and how that correlates to the grief we feel as a nation in light of all that is going on in the United States and around the world right now.

I grieve for my nation and I wanted to share my thoughts on this very important topic a few days before our election day.

People around the world know oppression and the inability to speak their mind. And, we too, are now having our free speech rights curtailed by those who wish to take our freedoms away.

Even one of our best known podcasters, Joe Rogan, has been censored for a topic he covered on his show by offended employees of the very company who just purchased his podcast.

I know people around the world who have lived in Socialist and Communist countries have experienced this grief – suppression of speech, personal freedoms and seen much violence leading to the death of family and friends.

Here, we are grieving for our nation as we are unaccustomed to having our liberties, property or lifestyle affected by those who don’t love our nation.

So if you’ve felt oppressed in your part of the world, you are welcomed to share your experiences and comments below.

With Love,

Mary Mac