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In Episode 89, we discuss the grief of not being able to get pregnant, the isolation when we choose not to share this with others, and alternatives some couples decide to take to build a family.

Most couples expect that when they decide to bring a new life into the world to add to their family, that it will be seamless. It will be easy and pregnancy will occur once they no longer use contraception.

Yet for many couples they are shocked when they have been disappointed for many months.

Specialists believe that when a couple cannot naturally conceive within a year of trying, they are then considered infertile.

And the grief that comes with that knowledge is one that is unexpected and sometimes, disenfranchised because as they proceed, they tend not to share this knowledge with others in the hope that pregnancy will occur in another month or so.

But during this time, they can feel isolated because they don’t want the entire world to know their pain and troubles.

In Episode 89, we discuss the pain of infertility and various options couple take toward having their own family.

Not being able to have your own family is, by far, a grief no one expects to endure.

Sending you my love. xoxo

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