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The Mary Mac Show | The Gift of Intolerance

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

This week, on my podcast, we speak about the gift of intolerance.

Now this title might make you tilt your head, but being selfish and intolerant when you are in such pain is a necessary gift to yourself.

During our younger years, we are usually trained to be tolerant of many things.

The way people treat us, the things they say which hurt us, the invitations we don’t want to accept. We got the impression we weren’t able to say no.

But there comes a time during our grieving process when we realize that if we want to heal, we have to leave everyone else’s desires on the back burner.

We need to create a new life where WE decide what is right for us, not others.

Listen in to Episode 37 for some perspective.

Additional Notes:

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