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In Episode 147, we discuss the power of prayer in our lives after we’ve experienced the death of a loved one and how it can give us peace as we move through our grieving process.

Now you may be thinking “really…will this work?”

Well if you’ve never used prayer to bring you peace, especially when you feel like all hell is breaking loose around you, then I’d say “Yes…give it a try. You have nothing to lose.”

Now in this day and age, many think that it’s not necessary or ‘cool’ to attend church on Sundays, or watch an online service wherever you are.

It can be as easy as clicking a few buttons on your television remote and you can tap into almost any service you’d like to try.

Not all pastors or leaders may resonate with you; so find another.

But the significance of prayer itself is that it is a way of communicating, talking to God one on one.

It’s a conversation.

It’s a relationship.

And you can do it anywhere you are.

When you are in such pain, either because you’re missing the one you love, or because you need direction in life since they died, or because you are confused as to why all of this is happening, wouldn’t it be calming to speak with the creator of the universe?

Now your family and friends may be think it’s a waste of time.

But you aren’t them.

You need comfort and a sense of calm in your life and that can come from a relationship with God.

He’s right there for you…you only need to reach out.

So take time today to listen in to Episode 147.

You might wonder if you’ll get anything out of it.

But I believe rebuilding or developing a prayer life will help you tremendously with your grief and with the uncertainties of life.

And yes you might be wrestling with your anger at God for what you think He did or didn’t do when your loved one died or was killed.

But flipping that around to gaining his peace, the peace that passes all understanding, is by far more comforting than handling all your emotions alone.

One of my favorite songs is “What a Beautiful Name.” I realize this is part of my faith, but it might really soothe you, regardless. When you realize it has 435 million views, it obviously resonates mightily with people around the world!

Bless you my friend.

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