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The Mary Mac Show | Emotional Challenges | Anger

The Mary Mac Show PodcastIn Episode 9, we discuss who and what we feel anger toward after a loved one’s death and how to handle it so it will not affect our emotional and physical health.

Anger is one life’s most serious emotions and, especially after experiencing the death of a loved one, it can rise to unimaginable levels which do not serve us.

We may be angry at the person who died (oh, no say it isn’t so), people who did not treat our loved ones well and may have caused their death, others who intentionally took their life, and eventually anger at ourselves for what we may or may not have said or did which we regret.

Listen to Episode 9 to learn more about anger and how to reduce it so it will lessen the affect it can have on your emotional and physical health. Remember to read the show notes for valuable links.

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