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In Episode 23, we remember our mothers and mother figures who made an impact on our lives. We also discuss the pain of bereaved mothers, ladies who struggle to bear the title and those who will never be called “Mom.”

The pain from a mother’s death is often severe especially if we had a wonderful relationship with our Moms.

But, sometimes, our relationship wasn’t as we would expect and we struggle with the ‘what if’s’ and perhaps guilt that may bring.

Yet whatever the relationship, good or bad, that we had with her, we must forgive ourselves and even moreso her for what you needed that you didn’t get, for what you and she said to each other that stung, and all the unfinished business that might still linger that neither of you can do anything about anymore.

We also recognize all the mother figures who raised you and cared for you if your Mom died younger than expected.

And we also talk about bereaved mothers who have buried their child, children or even all their children.

Lastly, we look at women who struggle to have children, those who miscarried or had a stillborn child, as well as those who deal with infertility and/or the knowledge that they may never have children of their own. We also remember women who are older now and wished they had children years ago when it was still possible, or those who never found the right husband to raise a family.

This can be a very melancholy day for some. Let us acknowledge them all.

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