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In Episode 152, we discuss the value of embrace, touch and hugs to ward off despair, depression, fear, stress, loneliness and isolation after a loved one’s death and instead to soak in love, peace and calm.

Most of us are unaware of the need to be held, hugged and embraced on a regular basis.

But especially when we have experienced the death of a significant person in our lives, the need is that much more important.

When people come to visit, open your arms to them to welcome this gesture.

It might not have felt important before, but now you need to drink in that embrace to help you heal.

Whether you are young or old, having someone embrace you gives you a sense of peace and calm.

It might bring tears but what do you care.

You need that comfort that a long embrace provides to you.

And if we are isolated or don’t have others around us, perhaps because we are widowed, live alone, are single, etc. it is important to have a pet or stuffed animal which we can cuddle with, stroke, snuggle with, sleep with just to have that connection.

Do you notice how young children love stuffed animals that they tuck under their arm and sleep with at night.

It brings them security and comfort.

And don’t you be embarrassed to do the same thing if you are alone and have no pet.

As I mention in my podcast this week, the light pink stuffed bear I bought for my grandmother gave her great comfort and when she died, I took it and still have it on my closet shelf.

I look at it all the time and it reminds me of her, but at times I hold it and stroke it and it comforts me.

So if you don’t have loved ones around you, get a stuffed or real animal to keep you company.

Speak to it, sleep with your furbaby, let it make you smile and laugh.

You need that to reduce stress, disease, anxiety, despair and depression.

Do it now so no matter what the future brings, you will have your friend there for you.

And when you are able to meet up with others face to face, make sure you reach open your arms and simply say “I need a hug.”

Be kind to yourself.

Sending you my love, my warrior! xoxo

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