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The Mary Mac Show | Death of a Parent

In Episode 80, we discuss the challenges we face after the death of a mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, or other individual who raised us and how we can help ourselves during our grieving process.

One of the most difficult deaths to endure in our life will be that of our parent or parents.

We think about it on and off during our life, wondering when and how they will leave us. But when it happens, we are stunned.

If after a long illness, we may have a sense of relief not just that their suffering is ended, but also that we, personally, are now free of the burden of caring for them. And sometimes, that bring guilt with it.

And if there is a sudden death, such as a heart attack, stroke, car accident or other unanticipated death, we are shocked to our core.

Listen in to Episode 80 where I discuss this sorrowful passing of one of the most important figures in your life.

Additional Notes:

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