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The Mary Mac Show | What Not to Say to Comfort a Grieving Friend or Relative

The Mary Mac Show PodcastIn last week’s Episode 124, we talked about what to say to comfort a loved one or friend who are bereaved.

In this week’s Episode 125, we discuss how a grieving friend or relative’s life has changed and what you should NOT say if you want to comfort and support them through their grieving process.

Some of us have never experience the death of a loved one and do not know how to comfort another.

If this is the case, these episodes will be extremely beneficial for you especially if this bereaved person is very close to you and will be counting on your support as they move through this very difficult time in their life.

We may think that we can ‘wing it’ but often times that only leaves to more hurt feelings. Don’t leave that to chance.

This is very sensitive time and if you don’t want to leave behind more damage, learn what to say and especially what not to say to comfort and help them.

They rely on their friends and relatives to do the right thing, to learn what that is, and to do it.

They are already in enough pain and are counting on you not to make it worse.

Also in this episode, we discuss how life is changing for them now. They are slowly building a new life and reevaluating who and what should be in it.

So listen in to Episode 125 where we give you specific language to help you support that special friend or relative who is grieving a loved one’s death.

Much Love,

Mary Mac

Additional Notes:

You can obtain my free ebook entitled 21 Things You Must Know About The Grieving Process, available for immediate download right here on this site, to help you learn more about what they are going through.

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If you are grieving a loved one’s death, take the time to research a hotline with trained counselors to speak with.