The Mary Mac Show | Our Uncertain Future II

In Episode 169, we continue to discuss life’s uncertainties, inflation, home and food prices, unstable governments, and how we must reevaluate and cope when we have little control over our new world.

The world we once knew is no longer available to us and that can be a scary thing.

We will never see the way we lived in 2019 again.

And you might be feeling overwhelmed and upset that we have to deal with all this when we are also grieving for that special person in our lives.

It’s just so unfair.

But we can no longer act like this is not happening.

People who hold the power in governments have created these scenarios, mostly for their own financial gain, power and benefit.

They weren’t interested in helping their citizens have a better life.

Instead they have an agenda they wish to see played out and it’s hurting all of us.

Unfortunately, we will see this get even worse in the months to come.

In Episode 169, I want to help you better understand what is upon us and consider ways to help you become stronger in mind, body, spirit and knowledge.

Additional Notes:

Help yourself by learning the Emotional Freedom Technique on how to deal with grief.

Go to my page on Crisis Connections, right here, to find someone to reach out to when you’re overwhelmed. Wonderful people all over the world who are there to help you.

You might also like to listen in to my episode on Handling Stress.

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