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In Episode 149, we discuss how to use faith to help us as we navigate through the uncertainties of life.

No matter what you think of God, it always amazes me that when a person has difficulty or is in shock over something that happened in their life, they will usually say “Oh My God!”

I believe that inherently we know where we’ve come from. And that is the God, the Creator who formed us.

As me move into this uncertain world ahead, I want you to become stronger in your faith so you can weather the storms that are on the horizon.

Now you may not believe in God, or you might be so angry with Him for what He did or didn’t do when it came to the death of your loved one.

But no matter how you feel, the comfort He can provide is unlike anything a human can give.

So listen in to Episode 149 and learn how to use your faith to get you through the death of your loved one and the crises that are coming our way.

Bless you my friend.

Additional Notes:

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