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The Mary Mac Show | The Power of Forgiveness

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

This week we speak about a difficult and painful subject. Forgiving others and ourselves is something that few want to talk about and less want to do.

But when unforgiveness is left to fester inside for a long time, it can lead to emotional, physical and spiritual strife which does not serve us well.

And, yes, this topic may be too early in your grieving process and I can understand that. But do take the time to learn what can happen when we let things build causing all kinds of havoc on our mind, body and spirit.

Join me in listening in to Episode 43 to take a look at what happens when we are unable or unwilling to forgive and how it affects us.

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The Mary Mac Show | Emotional Challenges | Guilt and Regret

The Mary Mac Show PodcastIn Episode 11, we discuss the guilt and regret we feel after a loved one’s death and how to help soothe ourselves using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Some of the most painful emotions during the grieving process are dealing with those which we can’t change or make right. They may be real for us, or sometimes imagined.

But, nonetheless, they are still there and must be dealt with otherwise we carry a burden for months, maybe years, and feel there is no way to resolve it.

The Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazing way to help ourselves release this pain and other emotions so we can move forward during our journey.

There is no reason we must feel so burdened or stress any longer.

Go to the show notes and click on all links and learn about EFT, how it is done, and specific videos for guilt, regret and unforgiveness.

Listen into Episode 11 here.