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The Mary Mac Show | Celebrate With Me

In Episode 175, I express my deep gratitude that I can celebrate, for the first time in my life, that my birthday falls on Easter Sunday.

What a wonderful moment in time!

Today I get to celebrate my birthday for the first time, as it falls on Easter Sunday.

As a kid, I would always look on new calendars when my birthday would fall.

Sometimes it was Holy Thursday, Good Friday, maybe Holy Saturday, but never Easter.

It also fell sometime around Easter, yet many days before or after.

Not happy.

And if my day landed on Good Friday, well, we weren’t having any kind of celebration.

My mother wouldn’t hear of it.

As the years went by, it always made me curious as to how they figured out when Easter would be as it was never the same day, it seemed.

So maybe a half dozen years ago I research what days Easter would fall. And I found these calendars from 1900 – 1999 and 2000 – 2099.

So it turns out that my birthday hadn’t fallen on Easter since 1950 and I wasn’t even thought of at that point.

So my birthday, April 9th, hasn’t been on Easter for 73 years from 1950 – 2023! Wow.

And it won’t be on Easter again until I’m 77 and 88, if I am so fortunate to be around then.

Anyway, I’m very grateful to share this day with you.

And I’m also thankful that I can spend this holy week with my beloved David in Rome, Italy! A dream come true.

So please have a wonderful Easter weekend. I hope you, too, will join me in celebrating this special day with me.

And if you would be so kind as to make a donation to The Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc., the organization I started 20 years ago for the benefit of grieving children, teens, young adults and families, it would be fantastic.

Whatever you can give would be so appreciated.

Just go here.

And to see the organizations your gifts have blessed, go here.

Much Love, my Warrior.

Additional Notes – Some things that will help along this journey to ease the pain:

If you are having an especially difficult time emotionally, I recommend you speak with a specialist at a hotline near you. Here you will find hotlines all around the world. Trained counselors are there to listen, free of charge, to what’s going on with you. Take advantage of their great kindness. Vent with an objective individual. You don’t have to be ‘suicidal’ to call them, but if you are, that’s the best place to call. Don’t hestitate!

For parents and teens, there is an amazing resource where you can email or text counselors for help at The Boys Town National Hotline! Outstanding assistance for your children and you. You can also dial 988 for assistance.

Visit Julie’s EFT episodes on grief and she will teach you the Emotional Freedom Technique. Her videos calm your spirit and help you release emotional and physical pain as you move forward.

Here are some meditation music to help you rest.

You can order your Bach’s Rescue Remedy from most health food stores, either in person or online. Remember, these do have alcohol in them.

I use the Rescue Remedy 20ml drops but they have spray and other versions which might work better for you. And…they also have products to calm pets, too.

*To find a homeopathic doctor, visit here or here. Many offer phone consultations if you cannot find one in your area. They work with patients around the globe. You can also research in your area of the world.

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The Mary Mac Show | How to Honor Ourselves on Our Birthday

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

In Episode 63, we look at ways to help ourselves as we approach our own special day each year after we’ve experienced a loved one’s death.

When we love and miss someone so much after they’ve died or were killed, there will come a day when our birthday is upon us.

We usually wonder how we will cope when their birthday or the anniversary of their death is approaching and how we will handle those days.

But somehow we don’t consider how our own birthday will be celebrated after their gone.

We don’t think that it will be as difficult for us because now they aren’t here to celebrate with us.

We don’t think about how we will reminisce about past birthdays we had with them and the gifts they gave us.

And that we won’t be getting those gifts from them again.

So in this episode, I wanted to talk about OUR Birthdays. How they affect us, how to prepare for them and how to give ourselves the love and care we deserve when they are no longer with us.

Bless you on this special day.

Be gentle with yourself.

And do celebrate YOUR life!!

Sending you much love and hugs.


Additional Notes:

Treat yourself to our beautiful Heart of Gold “I Remember” TeeShirt from The Mary Mac Store or give to someone grieving a loved one’s death.

The Mary Mac Store Heart of Gold "I Remember" TeeShirt

Remember, a portion of all proceeds help fund The Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc., the first national non-profit public charity which benefits children, teens, young adults after a loved one’s death which I established many years ago.

Crisis Hotlines with outstanding counselors who are standing by to listen to your pain and help you. Excellent way to release your pain today.

Arianna Opper, D.O. offers tapping videos and soothing meditations to help you. If you’d like to explore them, please go here.

And remember to sign up for my private list below, so we can always stay in touch. Since social media is no longer reliable, please complete the form below so I can connect with you via email.


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The Mary Mac Show | Honoring Our Loved Ones on their Birthday and Anniversary of their Death

The Mary Mac Show Podcast

In this week’s episode we look at how we can help ourselves as we approach their birthday and the anniversary of their death each year.

In the first several years, this can be a source of dread, panic and anxiety mostly because you aren’t sure how you will handle it, what you will do, what plans you should make, if any, and what the world, your family and even yourself expects on these days.

You might be surprised to learn the thoughts in our head leading up to that day may have trumped what will really happen for you.

We have these images in our head and often the day of their birthday or anniversary is not as horrific as you made it out to be.

So be kind to yourself and listen in to Episode 44 to learn various ways you can help yourself as you approach their special days.

Leave your comments below.

Additional Notes:

Learn EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique with Brad Yates.

Consider making a contribution in honor of your loved one to The Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc.  Your one-time or monthly recurring donation will help young ones, teens and their families learn to cope and recover from the death of a loved one early in life.

Meditation Videos to help you rest. Choose which resonate with you.

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