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The Mary Mac Show | What to Say to Help a Grieving Friend or Relative

The Mary Mac Show PodcastExactly what do you say to a friend or relative who is grieving a loved one’s death?

If you’ve never been in this situation or if you have in the past and realized you really needed more knowledge on how to be more sensitive to the bereaved needs, this podcast is for you.

People who have experienced a loved one’s death need our compassion, love, tenderness and, above all, knowledge of what to say so they don’t make the pain worse.

They rely on their friends and relatives to do the right thing, to learn what that is, and to do it.

They are already in enough pain and are counting on you not to make it worse.

So listen in to Episode 14 where we give you specific language to help you support that special friend or relative who is grieving a loved one’s death.